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In May 2008, first-time writer Ella Hickson, created eight monologues ready to air at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in August 2008. These monologues, of fifteen minutes each, offer a state-of-the-nation group portrait. From Millie, the jolly-hockey sticks prostitute who mourns the loss of the good old British class system, to Miles a 7/7 survivor or Danny, an ex-squaddie who makes friends in morgues; ‘Eight’ looks at what has happened to a generation that have grown up in a world where everything has become acceptable.

‘Eight’ was formed around the results of a survey that asked twenty-somethings what defined their generation; Hickson has tried to answer their almost unanimous response of ‘apathy’, with a show that works to find the glimmers of faith amidst wholesale cynicism. Eight looks at the singular, personal effect of an otherwise social phenomenon.

“I’m trying to tackle the negative reputation that my generation has earned itself. We need to prove we’re not all apathetic, drug-munching, no-brainers. We do have something intelligent to offer and we’re not afraid of having political punch. It’s about time we believed in something.”

– Ella Hickson, Writer/Director.