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‘Ms. Hickson, 23, has already found her voice — and it’s a powerful one; a potent show indeed’: The New York Times. ‘One of the most self-assured, startlingly well-written and moving pieces of theatre around’: The Herald ★★★★ ‘Superbly simple, slick and effective performance, you're blown away.... a truly impressive and exciting hour of theatre; Ella Hickson is a huge writing talent’: The Scotsman ★★★★ ‘Impressively unsettling, sharp writing - An engaging, offbeat snapshot of modern life, Eight, or rather, four is enough to leave you hungry for more’: Festmag ★★★★ ‘Brilliant, captivating and emotionally charged; stunning drama’: Three Weeks ★★★★ ‘Hickson's writing is superb - Ella Hickson is a talent of tremendous promise’ ‘Intriguing writing, brilliant direction and excellent performers’ British Theatre Guide ★★★★★ ‘A wicked new satirical talent – utterly original – exhilarating; Hickson is already a fully fledged satirist of real power and insight’ Christopher Hart – The Sunday Times ★★★★ ‘Ella Hickson – remember the name, for I suspect we will be hearing a lot more of her’ Charles Spencer – The Telegraph ★★★★ Pick of the Week – Time Out ★★★★ ‘Just how good can a set of monologues on a blank stage be? The answer – exceptional’ Gemma Bergomi – Spoonfed ‘Hickson and her brilliant cast will leave you desperate for the four monologues you missed.’ Olivia Bennett – The London Paper.


‘Everyone wants a piece of Eight’ Neil Cooper, The Herald – Glasgow. 01/06/09 ‘Made in Edinburgh’ Tim Cornwell , The Scotsman – 27/08/09 ‘Edinburgh graduate wins Fringe honours’, The Journal – 17/09/08 Ella Ella Ella, eh eh, Disappear Here – 09/06/09